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Volunteer Mill Woods

2020 Mill Woods Canada Day Celebration

The Mill Woods Canada Day Celebration is western Canada's largest volunteer delivered Canada Day event, taking more than 200 volunteers to deliver. Without volunteers, this event would not exist.

There are volunteer opportunities before, during and after the event. Please look below to find the best opportunity for you and complete the online form.

Canada Day Commitee Chair (Project Manager)

The 2020 Mill Woods Canada Day Celebration needs a project manager to lead a team of volunteers to deliver the 30th event. Someone to

  • Oversee the entire event from planning, recruitment of directors, through delivery and post event reporting,
  • Provide vision and leadership to a group of directors, each responsible for their individual event accountability,
  • Work with partners and stakeholders such as the City of Edmonton,
  • Chair regular meeting of the Canada Day Committee,
  • Ensure both event budget and objectives set out by the MWPC are achieved.

Interested? Email Thomas Whaley at secretary@seedmonton.ca for more infromation.

General Labour

General labours are needed  before and during the event, working 3-hour shifts. Up to 4 shifts are available the day of the event.

  • 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • 12:00 pm - 3:15 pm
  • 3:00 pm - 6:15 pm
  • 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Duties include

  • Site maintenance & garbage collection
  • Onsite transportation of material & equipment 
  • Guiding entertainment and event speakers
  • Setting up tents, tables, chairs and other items

Fun Zone Activities (children's activities)

Fun Zone activities run 1:00 pm to approximately 6:15 pm the day of the event, with up to 2 shifts available.

  • 12:15 pm - 3:15 pm
  • 3:00 pm - 6:15 pm

Duties include

  • Attending activity stations and interacting with children and parents

Marketing, Promotion & Fundraising

Marketing and promotion happen during the months leading up to and during the event.

For more information contact daryl@seedmonton.ca


Volunteers to translate event program and other documents into the following languages:

  • Filipino
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Punjabi
  • Spanish
  • Urdu


Sponsors are as crucial as volunteers to delivering the event. Engaging local businesses and making them aware of sponsorship opportunities is key to funding the event.

Commitment is flexible, generally occurring during regular business hours and happens in the months prior to the event.

Duties include

  • Canvassing local business and providing sponsorship material
  • Poster & leaflet distribution community businesses and public spaces


Social media coordinators are responsible for capturing and posting content the day of the event. 


All volunteers recieve a Canada Day t-shirt, and those onsite July 1st recieve food and drink.


Three easy ways to become a volunteer!

  1. Complete the online Volunteer Submission Form (recommended)
  2. Email volunteer@seedmonton.ca
  3. Call 780-652-0949