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Knottwood Community


President Thomas Shaw
Past President Shireen Mears
Secretary Theresa Hurst
Vice President 1 Hailey Bacha
Vice President 2 Kimberly Shaw
Treasurer Chantell Barone
Social and Events Director VP 1
Communications Director VP 1
Volunteer Director Natesha Francis
Program Director VP 2
School Director Kim Galarneau
Edmonton Neighbourhood Watch Director VP 2
Membership Director Michelene Deck
Fundraising Director Treasurer
Buildings and Grounds Director Graeme Reid
Gaming Director Rosa Little


Knottwood Community League

Primary Mailing Address:
PO Box 55035
Knottwood RPO
Edmonton, AB  T6K 4C5

Hall Address:
445 Knottwood Road West, NW
Edmonton, AB  T6K 4C5
Phone: 780-462-7549
*Use above Mailing address

Ekota Skating Rink Address:
1415 Knottwood Road East, NW
Edmonton, AB   T6J 2G8
*Use above mailing address



EVENTS AT Knottwood Community League

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The Community Hall is owned and maintained by the Knottwood Community League, a not-for-profit society. The hall assists in facilitating our ongoing efforts to build safer and healthier neighborhoods. The facility also supports community programs, clubs, sports and other activities that are able to provide their own liability insurance coverage.  For liability reasons, we are unable to provide the facility to private group functions.

Construction Date: March 1973

Interior Size: Approximately 900 square feet

Capacity: Dining & Beverages = 67 people, Space with non-fixed seats = 99 people,
Space with non-fixed seats & tables = 84 people (as per Occupancy Load Dec 10, 1996)

Access: Cement steps leading to the basement main door entrance/exit *No wheelchair access

Floors: Tile covered cement floor

Ceilings: Most of the ceiling is 8 feet high

Restrooms: Men’s & Women’s *No wheelchair access

Kitchen: Approximately 47 square feet, 5 foot serving counter, electric stove and fridge

Miscellaneous: 14 Tables,  50 Chairs, 5 wall plugins

Playschool: Located upstairs.  *No public access

Parking: Asphalt parking lot shared with Satoo Elementary School.  Max capacity 20-30 vehicles (depending on or off peak hours)

Cost: Since the hall supports community programs (not private functions) there is no set cost. 
Users can specify a donation to the community league if so desired.

Hall Address (not mailing address):
     445 Knottwood Road West, NW
     Edmonton, AB
     Phone: 780-462-7549
     *Use above main primary mailing address for all mail correspondance

For more information email our Hall Bookings Director at: social@knottwoodcommunity.ca

Fire Pit, Sand Volleyball, Skating Rinks are also available.


The community of Knottwood is comprised of the three neighbourhood areas of Menisa, Ekota and Satoo and is situated in the Mill Woods area of Edmonton, currently in Ward 11. In 1970 the Government of Alberta put together the Mill Woods land bank. The area was assembled to create a new large urban extension in Edmonton which would help to combat the increasing costs of serviced residential land in the city. The City of Edmonton worked quickly and by 1971 it had created the Millwoods Development Concept plan. Residential development began in Millwoods soon after. Ekota was the earliest of the three neighbourhoods to begin building residential and commercial units in Knottwood with Satoo and Menisa starting in 1974 and 1976 respectively.

Neighbourhood ‘units’ were part of the master plan for Mill Woods. These units are bounded by major roadways on all sides and linked by a central ring road (Millwoods Road) and connector roads. Knottwood’s three neighbourhood areas are bounded by Anthony Henday Drive and 23 Avenue NW to the south and north and 91 Street NW and 66 Street NW to the west and east respectively (see Appendix 1: Map of Knottwood). Knottwood Road forms the arterial road which serpentines its way through the area with Millwoods Road dissecting it in the middle. Several walkways connect residential areas with schools, recreation and commercial areas.
According to the 2010 Neighbourhood Indicators published by the City of Edmonton the population of Knottwood in 2009 totaled 8,830 - 2,655 in Ekota, 2,685 in Menisa and 3,490 in Satoo.
Ekota, which in the Cree language, means ‘special place’, is situated in the northwest corner of Knottwood and is bounded by 23 Avenue NW, 66 Street NW and Millwoods Road. In the middle of the estate is Ekota Elementary School, a play area, outdoor rink and building, fire pit, beach volleyball court and open recreation space including school fields laid out for soccer and softball. Also situated within Ekota is St. Clement Catholic Elementary and Junior High School. This school sits adjacent to Father Ivor Daniel Park, including playground and playing fields, which is situated along Ekota’s southern boundary of Millwoods Road. The area lacks obvious commercial space; however one residential property has been converted into a daycare along Knottwood Road North.

To the south of Ekota lies Menisa meaning ‘berries’ which would have been plentiful in the parkland vegetation that grew in the Millwoods prior to development. The neighbourhood of Menisa was built around Menisa Elementary School and the area of recreation space surrounding this including a large play area and picnic area with gazebo, and sports fields. The small Menisa hill is also used in the winter for sledding. The largest retail space within Knottwood is based within Menisa at the corner of Knottwood Road East and Millwoods Road. This site includes a neighbourhood bar, Filipino restaurant, convenience store, auto mechanic, day care, hair salon, take-out pizza establishment, and a recently opened natural pet care shop. Moving west along Millwoods Road one will find Menisa daycare and one of Knottwood’s only two places of worship, Millwoods Evangelical Free Church on the corner of 80th Street NW, on the border of Satoo.

Satoo is the largest neighbourhood both in terms of population and area. A large area of recreational land stretches from 80th Street NW where Dan Knott Junior High School is situated across to Satoo Elementary School located on Knottwood Road West NW. Many walking/cycling trails dissect this space. St Patrick’s Anglican Church is situated at 85 St NW and Knottwood Road North on the site of what was originally a second retail area. Knottwood Community Hall is situated next to Satoo School. The two buildings share a parking lot. There are several sports fields laid out in this area and a large playground at Satoo School.
KCL moved a small hall to the current site in March 1973 and originally operated an ice rink in each of the three areas. In the 1990s the Menisa rink was removed and the existing playground was rebuilt. In addition to the hall KCL is also responsible for the maintenance and operation of both of the ice rinks and associated buildings at Ekota and Satoo and the fire pit at Ekota Park.
Knottwood Community League (KCL) was founded on March 14th, 1977 with all three neighbourhood areas comprising the membership area of the league. The league was formed to provide programs and facilities for the three neighbourhoods. 
Knottwood Co-operative Playschool was established over 30 years ago and is a sub-committee of KCL. This group was borne out of the need to provide early years opportunities for the many growing families that moved into this new community. The playschool is based within the community hall and currently runs three classes for three and four year olds Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and afternoons, and Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The playschool currently utilize the upstairs of the community hall on a permanent basis.

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