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Community Patrol

A Message to Parents from the Mill Woods Community Patrol

Frequently Mill Woods Community Patrol members are asked: are you really making a difference? Sometimes that is a hard question to answer. Other times, such as one cold night in February 2009, there is no question to the help we provide our community and fellow citizens.

That night an elderly man in the Mill Woods area went missing. Suddenly disappearing from an event and having not been seen for several hours, with temperatures hovering below minus 15'C, the family was very concerned for his safety. They turned to the Edmonton Police Service who immediately took action.

As an extra set of eyes and ears they are able to utilize when needed, Mill Woods Community Patrol is an excellent tool and flexible resource for the Edmonton Police Service. Since Mill Woods Community Patrol was already patrolling the community this evening, the police requested us to begin looking for the missing person as well.

Within minutes our patrollers had found the man huddled by a road side. Unable to speak English and very cold, the man did understand we were there to help. He gladly accepted our offer of a warm vehicle to wait in while the police confirmed his identity and contacted the family with the good news.

It is these successes which make you realize being a volunteer in your community is not only rewarding and fulfilling personally, but has huge implications for others around you.

As a volunteer, you start a ripple of influence that travels far and wide, positively affecting more people than you could ever know. Your family, your neighbors, your community, and your city all benefit from your becoming involved. For that lost man and his family, the difference we volunteers made that night in fact meant the world.

Why not make a difference and volunteer in your community today?

Mill Woods Community Patrol is always looking for volunteers and can use your help! For more information about the Mill Woods Community Patrol, click here.

Mill Woods Presidents Council is a major supporter of the MWCP and also is always looking for volunteers such as yourself. For information on our community's voice, please contact us for more information.